How To Implement The SegMetrics Tracking Code

The SegMetrics tracking code is a short snippet of Javascript that allows us to report on your UTM values and Referring URLs (and more coming soon).

If you didn’t set this up while integrating your account during the onboarding process, don’t sweat it. We got you covered.

Navigate to the Site Setup page.

Copy the Site Tracking Javascript Snippet.

Paste this code immediately before the closing </body> tag on all pages of your website.

You should include this code even on pages where you don't have any optin forms so that we can accurately track your lead sources, including your thankyou page.

Also be sure the code gets on all pages that are hosted on third party domains (e.g., LeadPages, ClickFunnels, etc.).

Once the code is on your site SegMetrics will capture all UTM values (campaign, medium, source, content, term) and Referring URL data.

Special Options

In addition to the standard tracking features, you can add a number of different features if you're having issues with your lead data showing up in SegMetrics:

1) Track Leads Whenever There is an Email Address In the URL

This is useful for sites that don't redirect through standard Infusionsoft forms, or when you're opting in leads through the Infusionsoft API. 
When this option is turned on, any time an email address is found in the URL it will send the lead to SegMetrics. This will not overwrite any information about the lead already in SegMetrics.

2) Populate UTM fields on your existing Infusionsoft forms

This is a handy way to let SegMetrics automatically populate the UTM and tracking information back into your Infusionsoft account. Follow the steps here to set up your Custom Fields in Infusionsoft and SegMetrics, and then turn on this option to start attaching UTM values to your Infusionsoft contacts.

3) Support LeadPages, ClickFunnel and other Landing Page Systems

Lead Pages, ClickFunnel and other landing page systems often have special issues that make it hard to track leads submitted through their landing pages. SegMetrics has a number of ways to solve the issue, including real-time tracking of leads as they type in their email address. If you're using LeadPages or ClickFunnel, check out our integration guides.

If you're not using LeadPages or ClickFunnel, but are not getting the UTM values correctly, try turning this option on to solve most tagging issues.

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