Sending UTM Values to Infusionsoft

In addition to tracking UTM values internally, SegMetrics' tracking pixel allows you to send the optin UTM value into your Infusionsoft contacts.

There are 4 easy steps to begin saving your tracked UTM values in Infusionsoft.

1) Set Up Your Custom Fields

To start out, you'll need to create custom fields for the following values that will be saved in your Infusionsoft contact. You can find information on how to create the custom fields from Infusionsoft's knowledgebase, here:

Create the following Custom Fields:

  • utm_source
  • utm_content
  • utm_medium
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_term
  • referrer
  • optin_url

2) Set Your Forms to Use the Custom Fields

In order to have Infusionsoft recognize the Custom Fields in your forms, you'll need to add the fields as Hidden fields to the forms you want to track.

If you would like to set up your Infusionsoft Order Forms to track UTM Values, check out our order form guide.

You'll want to create a hidden field for each of the UTM values, so that it looks like this:

You can find full instructions in Infusionsoft's Knowledgebase, here:

Note: Be sure to update the form code on your site after any changes!

3) Set Your Custom Field Mapping in SegMetrics

Navigate to the Integrations screen in your Account Settings, and choose Configure Custom Fields from the Manage Settings button.

The Field Mapping uses the name of the fields in your form in order to map the visitor's click data to the form fields.Input the names of the fields, noting that Infusionsoft's default forms adds "inf_custom_" to the beginning of each of their fields.

During the account integration process we will have imported the names of all of your Infusionsoft fields. Select the Custom Fields from the dropdown menus that match the custom fields you created in step 1.

4) Configure the Tracking Pixel

Next, you'll need to configure the tracking pixel .

Turn the toggle on for "Populate Custom fields on your existing Infusionsoft forms." This will set the custom fields you defined (above) on all your forms that are configured to receive them.

Then click "Save Pixel Settings" and install the tracking pixel on your site.

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