Setting Up Adwords Ad Tracking

When tracking Google AdWords with SegMetrics, you will need to configure your ads with the appropriate tracking value.

In order for SegMetrics to track your ad-spend effectively, you need to add  ad_id={creative} to the Final URL Suffix in the Ad URL Options. You can also add this code at the Account, Campaign or Ad Group level to automatically apply it to all ads. Instructions for this can be found on Google's documentation, here

If you would like to automatically generate your UTM values from your ads as well, you can use the following URL Parameters to track the ad-spend as well as UTM values in SegMetrics.


Here's how to set up your ad-tracking for AdWords

  1. Make sure that the SegMetrics Tracking Pixel is installed on your site & landing pages.
  2. From your Integrations Page, click on "Manage Settings" for AdWords, and choose "Install Ad Tracking"
  3. Here will be a list of all the ads that we've detected as currently being active, and need to be updated.
  4. Go into AdWords to install the tracking values into the appropriate ads.

Google Ads Custom Experiments

If you are running Custom Experiments for your google ads, this may cause your Google ad spend to look inflated inside of SegMetrics. This is because when a custom experiment is created, the campaigns and ads will retain the same ID numbers. Since SegMetrics uses the campaigns and ad IDs to match up ad spend to individual ads or campaigns, you might see greater ad spend for your Google ads than you actually spent. 

You can determined if and ad is being duplicated because the ad spend and ad clicks will be the same as another ad. However, the duplicate will not have any leads attributed to it.

The best way to resolve this is to filter out those custom experiment campaigns in your advertising reports.

Warning about URL Shorteners

It has come to our attention that most URL Shorteners will remove all UTM and Ad Tracking from the final URL,which breaks tracking in SegMetrics, Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, and any other tracking systems that you may use. We highly recommend using your FULL URL when creating ads, or use a custom redirection service that will keep the UTM and Ad Tracking values.

You can test this by taking your link shortener, and adding ?utm_campaign=test to the end of it.


Shortened URL
Test URL

If your final URL has the UTM value still attached, then your URL shortener will work. If not, we recommend using the full URL.

(NOTE: USED to pass UTM values to the final page, but they discontinued that feature. Be mindful that third party systems can change at any time

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