How To Test Your Tracking Pixel

With website tracking, you will be able to collect advanced metrics on your leads, such as clicked links, UTM values, geo-location, ad tracking, and much, much more.
Once you or your developer have installed the tracking pixel, you can follow this article to make sure it has been set up properly

How To Make Sure Your Tracking Link Is Set Up Correctly.

1. We will want to go to the debugger to test our tracking link. To get there, click on the gear icon in the top right corner and choose "Site Setup".

2. Once on the Site Setup page, scroll down to the  Debug Website Tracking Code and enter in your full domain (including https://) and click  Start Debugger

3. Now that you've done this, you should be taken to your site and you should also see a SegMetrics bar at the bottom of your page.
4. You will now want to go to your contact form. If your contact form is not on the main page, you can click on your CTA buttons until you are taken to the appropriate page that has your contact form.
5. Enter in test contact information to your form as shown in the photo below. If your tracking pixel has been installed correctly, you should see “User Identification Sent” show up in the Activity Feed section of the debugger.

As shown in the screenshot above, you should also see that the test has been given a UID (unique ID) and that the email address has also been captured.

Now, if you didn’t get those results, we recommend making sure that your tracking code has been pasted on every page of your website before the </body> tag.

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