Connecting Facebook with SegMetrics: If I Add My UTM Code To A Published Facebook Ad, Will I Lose The Ad Engagement?

If you have a Facebook ad that has hundreds or even thousands of likes and comments, you may be concerned that making any changes to your ad will result in losing all of its social proof.

What Facebook Says About Changing Your Ads URL Parameters

Facebook states that changing a URL parameter (without touching the actual link) should not reset likes/engagement.
However, we have also heard of ads that have had the engagement reset after having the URL parameter changed. 
Ads that we've run for SegMetrics have never been reset, but we can't make a guarantee that yours won't reset.

How To Create a Facebook Ad That You Can Edit In The Future

If you think you may need to change URL parameters in the future, then there's a specific way you must approach creating a new ad.
Here's the official documentation from Facebook:
“When you change an ad creative with a new creative spec, we share social feedback from your old ad post with the newly-created ad post. 
This means you can edit your ad after you start delivery, save the updates, run the updated ad and it appears with all the reactions, comments, shares, and video view counts occurring before your edits. 
This provides a better experience for people when viewing your ads and enables your ad to be more engaging over time.
Note: There are some cases when we still reset social feedback after you edit your ad. 
You no longer retain this social feedback after edits if you:
  • Use the same ad creative in multiple ads
  • Use an ad creative's ad post in multiple ads, such as re-promoted ads
  • If the ad creative's ad post was published or was scheduled to be published

Links To Facebook Articles About Transferring Social Feedback

If you're worried about losing the social feedback of your ad, we advise against editing it and leaving it as-is.

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