Updating Facebook Ads Without Losing Social Proof

If you have Facebook ads with a large volume of social proof (comments, likes, shares, etc) that you don't want to risk losing, please follow the instructions below.

Note that Facebook is continually changing their algorithm with regards to how they handle social proof and ad edits. Please refer to their documentation on Significant Edits and Editing Ads in Ad Manager. For the latest information.

Updating Facebook Ad Tracking

Most Facebook Ads can be updated without risk of losing social proof, but in some cases, social proof may be reset as a result of updating the URL Parameters of an ad.

The most common cause of an ad having their social proof and engagement reset is when the ad is a Post Ad that is using content that is not a published post.

NOTE: SegMetrics recommends testing any changes by duplicating the ads this procedure by duplicating the ads (with social proof) and confirming that the social proof is carried over to the new ads. You shouldn't update any live ads until you are confident that changing the tracking parameters will not affect the engagement on your ad. The following are our best practices, but we cannot take responsibility for any lost engagement or social proof.

Once you've duplicated the ads and confirmed that the engagement data is maintained, you can test whether the tracking update will affect your ad by adding the URL Parameters to the duplicate ad. If social proof will be lost, you should see it in the preview immediately.

If the Draft Shows You'll Lose Social Proof

If the Ad Preview show that Social Proof would be lost when you attempt to update the ad, discard the draft and follow these steps:
  1. Select the duplicate ad that we created in step one.
  2. Click Edit on the ad, and confirm that the ad currently has Social Proof available in the preview pane
  3. Click the Preview Button and choose See Post: Facebook Post with Comments to confirm that the Social Proof is visible
  4. Back in the Ad Editor, click Use Existing Post and once again confirm that Social Proof is retained.
  5. Add the URL Parameters, as per the installation instructions and confirm that Social Proof is retained.
  6. Publish the ad.
After testing the duplicated ad, confirm that your engagement and social proof is retained, and you can attempt to update your live ads.
At no point should you publish the ad if the Social Proof is removed from the preview window.

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