Channel Categorization

SegMetrics offers automatic channel categorization, just like you're probably used to seeing in Google Analytics. Instead of listing every individual source, you have the option to use the groups.

They are available for use when building reports or custom dashboards, perfect for a top-level comparison.

The categories and their definitions are:

  • search - referral domain is a search engine, or utm_medium is search
  • email - referral domain is an email client, or utm_medium is email
  • affiliate - utm_medium is affiliate
  • referral - utm_medium is referral, or comes from another site that is not part of another channel.
  • paid - the query contains a tracking ids (gclid, fbclid, etc), the referring domain is an ad platform, or utm_medium is cpc, ppc, or paidsearch
  • display - utm_medium is display, cpm, or banner
  • social - referral domain is from a social media site, or utm_medium is equal to social, social-network, social-media, sm, social network or social media
  • direct - If the referrer is empty, or the referrer equals the host domain

You don’t need to make any changes to your SegMetrics account or marketing tools, the new options are there ready for you to use and experiment with.

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