How to Include VAT ID and Memos on Your Invoices

The Invoice Memo box is found under the Billing Details area and is used to enter additional information about your business that you’d like to appear on all future and prior SegMetrics invoices. This is useful for adding your company address, VAT ID, and any other important details you might need your invoices to contain for filing purposes.

Updating Your Invoice Memo

To update your Invoice Memo:

  1. Click the Gear icon in the top right of your account
  2. Click Billing
  3. In the Invoice Memo box, enter any additional information to appear on your invoices
  4. Click Update Billing Details

All invoices will now contain the information from the Invoice Memo box, including all prior invoices. Please note that any changes you make moving forward will automatically update all future and prior invoices.

Where Will My Invoice Memo Appear?

The Invoice Memo appears to the far right of the “Bill to” details on all invoices:

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