Uploading Historical Data

The Historical Data uploader provides an easy way for you to Upload your historical contact, orders, subscriptions data into SegMetrics. 

Uploading Historical Data

You can access the historical data uploader from the integrations page. You can upload your historical contacts data through your CRM or Email Tool integrations, and custom CRM, Payment, and Ad integrations

To upload your historical data:

  1. Head over to the Integrations page in your SegMetrics account
  2. Select the integration to upload your historical data
    1. Contact data can be uploaded via your CRM or email marketing tool integration
    2. Order and Subscription data can be uploaded via your Custom Payments integration
    3. Ads Performance data can be uploaded via the Custom Ads integration
  3. Click the Gear icon on the integration that supports the type of data you’d like to upload
  4. Click Upload Historical Data
  5. Select the type of data to upload
  6. Select the data file to upload (.csv only)
  7. Map the data fields

Now that you have your file prepped and ready to upload, keep reading to learn more about how to map your data to the appropriate fields.

Mapping Your Data File

Once you’ve selected your data file, map the required data fields for the data you’d like to upload. Below you’ll find examples of available data fields as well as all required fields.

With some data fields, it’s possible to clarify to SegMetrics how to handle a specific data field, such as the “Is Paid” field in the Orders and Subscriptions imports:

In the examples above, we have a column in our file to indicate whether an order has been paid. We’ve marked paid orders as “Yes” and unpaid orders as “No.” Using those two values from our file, we’ll set the No value to “No” and the Yes value to “Yes.” This tells SegMetrics to mark any order with the “Is Paid” value of Yes to paid, and any value of “No” to unpaid. 

Mapping Contact Data:

  • Contact ID (Required if no email address is included)
  • Email Address (Required if no contact ID is included)
  • Date Created (Required ) date must be in UTC format
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Tags (As CSV)
  • Custom Field

Here’s an example of a .csv file with those required fields:

Mapping Order Data:

  • Contact ID
  • Email Address
  • Line Item Amount (Required)
  • Date Created (Required ) date must be in UTC format
  • Line Item ID
  • Shipping Amount
  • Taxes Amount
  • Discount Amount
  • Quantity
  • Product Name (Required)
  • Product ID
  • Order ID (Required)
  • Invoice Total
  • Is Refunded (if is a refund, should be marked as “TRUE”)
  • Is Paid
  • Custom Field

Here’s an example of a .csv file with those required fields:

Mapping Subscription Data:

  • Contact ID (Required)
  • Email
  • Subscription ID (Required)
  • Order ID (Required)
  • Product ID (Required)
  • Product Name (Required)
  • Subscription Amount (Required)
  • Billing Cycle (month, year, etc) (Required)
  • Billing Frequency (1, 2, 3, etc)
  • Status
  • Subscription Start Date (Required)
  • Next Billing Date
  • Last Billing Date
  • Subscription End Date

Here’s an example of a .csv file with those required fields:

Mapping Ads Performance Data:

  • Date (Required)
  • Ad Spend (Required)
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Ad ID (Required)
  • Ad Name (Required)
  • Ad URL 
  • Ad Status
  • Ad Campaign ID (Required)
  • Ad Campaign Name (Required)
  • Ad Set ID (Required)
  • Ad Set Name (Required)

Here’s an example of a .csv file with those required fields:

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