Tracked URLs

The Tracked URLs area in your SegMetrics account displays the most recent URL paths that have been tracked by the SegMetrics tracking snippet. You’ll be able to view the path name, unidentified and identified visits.

To View Your Latest Tracked URLs

To view your tracked urls:

  1. Click the Gear icon at the top right of your account
  2. Click Site Setup
  3. Click Tracked URLs

Once on the Tracked URLs page, you’ll see the url paths that have recently been tracked by your SegMetrics tracking pixel, along with the following data:

  • Path Name: The URL that has been tracked
  • Anonymous: The number of unidentified visitors who have clicked the URL in the last 60 days
  • Identified: The total number of identified visitors who have clicked the URL

The difference between Unidentified and Identified visitors
An Identified visitor is a contact who is currently known to SegMetrics. This means that the visitors email address currently lives in your connected CRM and also has been synced in your SegMetrics account. An unidentified visitor is any visitor that is not known to SegMetrics. This generally means that the visitor is also unknown in your connected CRM.

Not seeing URLs that you think should be tracked?
The most common reason you would not see a URL being tracked, is your SegMetrics tracking pixel has not yet been installed on those URLs. If the tracking snippet is installed, it is likely that the URL has not yet had any visits. Make sure the URL is accessible to potential visitors by directing traffic to that page through your email content or paid ad content. 

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