Use LeadQuizzes (Lead Tracking) with SegMetrics

SegMetrics allows you to track leads acquired through LeadQuizzes, by simply redirecting people who take the quiz to a thank you page on your site.

Most of the time SegMetrics will track the LeadQuizzes information automatically when users input their email address, but if you're having issues due to embedded quzzes, the following can help.

Get the SegMetrics Tracking Code

  1. In SegMetrics, go to your Site Setup page from the gear in the top menu, and copy the pixel code.
  2. If you haven't configured your Tracking Code previously, check out the Installing the Tracking Pixel instructions to set up your site correctly.
  3. Create a thank you page on your site to send people to who complete the LeadQuiz

Set up the LeadQuiz

In order to send lead data to your redirect page, you'll want to Use a Custom Results / Thank You Page for your quiz

  1. In LeadQuizzes, click on the quiz you want to track
  2. Click on Build to open the page Builder
  3. Scroll down to your Results section, and either create a new URL Redirect or edit the existing ones
  4. Enter the URL of your thank you page that you made above
  5. Click the toggle to "Append form data to redirect URL"
  6. Click Save to save your changes

The following is an example of a URL containing booking confirmation data that is sent to the redirect page:

Configure the Thank You Page

Finally, we want to set up your thank you page so that it will pass that email address back into SegMetrics.

On your landing page, you'll want to add the following code, in the footer:

<script>setTimeout(function(){ _segq.push(['identify', SegMet.queryVal('email-address-lead')]); }, 1000);</script>

Congratulations, SegMetrics is now set up to track leads for LeadQuizzes!

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