Custom Home Page

With customizable home dashboards, you can set up your SegMetrics Home page to show the most important KPIs based on your industry. The best part about this is that these dashboards are predefined and can be set with just a few clicks. 

Or, if you have a custom dashboard you’ve built from scratch, you have the option to use those dashboards as your main home dashboard. Every time you login to your SegMetrics account, you’ll be greeted with the KPIs most relevant to your industry.

Accessing Your Custom Home Dashboard

You can access your home dashboard by clicking the SEGMETRICS logo at the top left of your account:

Take note of the KPIs that are provided with your current home dashboard. Near the top right, you’ll see some helpful information in regards to your account:

Based on where you are in your account setup, go through these helpful tips and resources to get a better understanding of your SegMetrics account.

Want to better understand where we’re pulling the metrics you see in each of the dashboard widgets? Just click on any of the dashboard widgets and you’ll get redirected to the report that’s being used to display those stats. 

Need to change up your home dashboard? No worries, you can select a different home dashboard at any time. Keep reading to learn how to update your home dashboard!

Selecting a Custom Home Dashboard

By default, your home dashboard will be set to the industry you indicated your for your business when you first created and set up your SegMetrics account. However, you always have the option to change your home dashboard if needed.

To select your home dashboard:

  • Directly to the right of your home dashboard name, click Change
  • Based on your industry, select the predefined home dashboard you’d like to display
  • If you’ve previously built out a custom dashboard of your own, select the Your Custom Dashboard option, then use the drop-down to select the previously built dashboard
  • Click Set Dashboard

Custom Home Dashboard Options

You can select between a few different custom home dashboard options, including predefined dashboards around the following industries:

Infoproducts / Coaching Dashboard
Get a deep-dive into your lead growth and lead values so you’ll better understand how your business is growing and gaining new leads and customers. 

The Info Products / Coaching dashboard provides the following KPIs:

  • List Size
  • Lead Values & LTV
  • New Leads
  • Revenue
  • Conversion Rate
  • New Leads Revenue
  • Nurture and Conversion Data
  • Acquisition Channels Data

eCommerce Dashboard

Grab some insight into your overall lifetime revenue and customer values, along with acquisition information so you’ll know exactly how your ecommerce store is performing.

The eCommerce dashboard provides the following KPIs:

  • Lifetime Revenue
  • Customer Value
  • Total Customers
  • New and Returning Customers
  • Revenue and Sales Data
  • Acquisition Channels Information

SaaS / Software Dashboard

If you’re running a SaaS or software company, you’ll get insight into your monthly recurring revenue, new subscription and how well you’re retaining your current customers and acquiring new leads and customers.

The SaaS / Software dashboard provides the following KPIs:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Total Active, New and Cancelled Subscriptions
  • New Leads
  • Conversion Rate
  • Current Trials
  • Conversion and Retention Information
  • Acquisitions Channels Data

Your Custom Dashboard

If you have previously built a custom dashboard in your account, this option allows you to select  any one of those dashboards to display on your home page. 

Still have questions, or maybe you’re not seeing the data you’re expecting to see? Drop us a line at and we’re always happy to help!

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