Connect Kartra with SegMetrics

Our Kartra integration allows you to send all of your new leads and customers directly into your SegMetrics account. You’ll then be able to run reports to get better insight into your lead growth, customers/revenue, and advertising efforts.

Integrate SegMetrics with Kartra

In this section, you’ll integrate Kartra with SegMetrics.

  1. Click here to integrate your SegMetrics account with Kartra
  2. From the Kartra integration, enter your Kartra API Key and Kartra Access Token, click here to find those credentials in your Kartra account
  3. Click Connect Kartra

Enter Your Webhook URL Within Kartra

In this section, you’ll enable your outbound Kartra API and enter the webhook URL into your Kartra account. The webhook is how Kartra sends data to SegMetrics.

  1. Login to Kartra
  2. Click My Integrations from the left sidebar
  3. Click API at the center top
  4. Click My API
  5. Enable your Outbound API (must be enabled to send data outside of Kartra)
  6. In the URL to send the api call to setting, be sure the first setting is set to https:// then enter the following URL:<account_id>/webhook/<integration_id>

With your Kartra Outbound API enabled and the SegMetrics webhook URL in place, the next step is to define the events you’d like to send through to SegMetrics.

Define the Events to Send from Kartra to SegMetrics

In this section, you’ll define the events you’d like to send from Kartra into SegMetrics. We are currently compatible with the following event types:

  • Lead subscribes to list
  • Lead assigned a tag
  • Customer buys a product
  • Customer refunds a product

See below to learn how to set up those events in Kartra:

  1. For the first event, select Lead subscribes to list
  2. When prompted to select a list, select the option for Any List
  3. Click Add
  4. Configure the rest of the following events (when applicable to your needs):
    1. Lead is assigned a tag > No category in particular > Any Tag
    2. Lead subscribes to sequence > Any sequence
    3. Customer buys a product > Select the appropriate product funnel > select the product from the selected product funnel > Any price point
    4. Customer refunds a product > Select the appropriate product funnel > select the product from the selected product funnel > Any price point
    5. Customer refunds purchase > Select the appropriate purchase > Any price point

Upload Historical Contact Data to SegMetrics

With this webhook integration, SegMetrics will start to bring in new leads and customers from the point of integration forward. This means that you’ll need to export your historical leads from Kartra and import them into your SegMetrics account

To import historical leads from Kartra:

  1. From Kartra, grab a CSV export of your existing leads / customers
  2. With that CSV file, head over to your SegMetrics account
  3. Navigate to your Integration page
  4. Click the Gear icon on the Kartra integration
  5. Click Upload Historical Data
  6. For the Data Type, select Contact
  7. For the Data File, select the Kartra CSV export of your leads
  8. Click Map Field Data
  9. Map the fields
  10. Click Upload

Configuring the checkout page

Lastly, you’ll want to include the following javascript snippet to the Footer Scripts of your checkout pages. This will involve adding an invisible form to the checkout, thank you, and upsell pages:

jQuery(document).ready(function(){ var checkExist = setInterval(function() { if (jQuery('form').length) { clearInterval(checkExist); _segq.push(['identify', jQuery("input[name='email']").val()]); } }, 1000); });

To install the above code in your Kartra checkout, thank you, and upsell pages:

  1. Navigate to the desired page editor in Kartra
  2. Add a new Section with a form to the page
  3. For that section, set the Config delay to 99999 - on every visit (this delays the form from popping up to the visitors)
  4. Copy/Paste the code snippet from above into the Footer Scripts of your checkout, thank you and upsell pages

Limitations of Kartra with SegMetrics

Now that you’ve connected Kartra with SegMetrics, It’s important to understand the limitations we face with this integration. Kartra does not offer any direct API endpoints to pull data, therefore we must receive all available data from a webhook. Therefore, the following limitations apply:

  • No historical data is imported through webhooks
  • Historical data must be manually uploaded
  • SegMetrics start receiving data only when the webhook is connected
  • Kartra provided limited webhook endpoints, see above for available data webhooks
  • Certain updates to contacts/orders might not be available through the webhooks

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