Connect Constant Contact with SegMetrics

SegMetrics gives you the ability to analyze your Constant Contact campaign performance and connect it to other data sources.

With that information, you can easily segment that data into your leads, find the automation triggers that convert to customers, understand where your most valuable leads are coming from, and more!

Integration Overview

SegMetrics imports your contacts, custom fields, tags, orders and more directly from Constant Contact. SegMetrics is kept up to date with the most recent information in your Constant Contact account, to make sure you always have access to the information you need.

If you have a payment processor that doesn't connect with Constant Contact natively, we can connect that information together using the email addresses in Constant Contact. 

You don't need to import the orders or tag people in a special way, they just need to be in your Constant Contact account.

Connect Constant Contact to SegMetrics

  1. Head over to the Integrations page in your SegMetrics account
  2. Click on the Constant Contact integration
  3. Click Connect Constant Contact
  4. Once redirected to the Constant Contact login page, enter your Constant Contact login credentials and click Log in

Now your SegMetrics account will start importing your Constant Contact data.

How much historical data is synced when you first connect Constant Contact to SegMetrics?

When you connect a new Constant Contact data source, all historical data from your Constant Contact account is synced.

Once your Constant Contact Data Source is connected and actively syncing data, we store the data that's collected in our own database. This allows us to accumulate more data over time as more data syncs are made so that you can report on the most up to date Constant Contact data in your SegMetrics reports.

How to build a report using Constant Contact data

Once your data is imported from Constant Contact, you can create reports with the data to see how each touchpoint influences your sales.

  1. From your SegMetrics account, click Acquisition > New Leads
  2. Select your desired filters based on dates, tags and other touchpoints
  3. Once you have your report filters just right, you can rename, save and access your report again later by clicking Save at the top right area of the report window

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