Cohort Reporting

With Cohort reporting, it’s possible for you to break down your cohort and lead value over time. The Cohort reporting feature is available within the Velocity Report.

Run a New Cohort Report

To run a new Cohort report:

  1. Run a new Sales Velocity report in your SegMetrics account
  2. Set the top most report filter to the following parameters: Contact Created -> Purchase Created
  3. Go ahead and add any additional filters to the cohort report, such as a tag, or leave the report set to the default filter to report on ALL contacts created within the report date range
  4. While on the report, locate the tabular data located towards the bottom of the report and be sure to select the “Lead Value Cohort” heading

Interpreting the Report Data

The “Lead Value Cohort” data set groups your leads into monthly cohorts and shows the lead value over time.

In the example above, you’ll see the Lead Value Cohort has placed all leads relevant to the report filters and date range, and shows their value and how that value has grown or reduced over the last 3 months.

The main benefit of the Cohort report is in gaining a better understand of the following key performance indicators:

  • Leads: The number of contacts that fit the search conditions. If you are filtering by contacts created in this date range, this is the number of new contacts that have been added to your account during the report date range. Note: Lead count is not affected by filtering purchases.
  • Revenue: Revenue is the amount of money that you will make if all invoices are paid in full, otherwise known as sales.
  • Avg Days Until Purchase: Days until Purchase is the calculation of how long, on average, it takes leads to turn into customers. Understanding your Days Until Purchase helps you know how much nurturing it takes to convert your leads into customers.CALCULATION: First Purchase Date - Lead Creation Date
  • Customer Age: Customer Age calculates how old the leads on your list are. This is helpful in understanding when the majority of your leads joined your list from within a specific cohort. CALCULATION: Today - Lead Creation Date
  • Cust. Value: Customer value is a calculation of the revenue that customers in this report have generated, from purchases in this report. Understanding your Customer Value helps you know how much you can expect to generate from every new customer you bring in.CALCULATION: Revenue ÷ Number of Customers
  • Lead Value: Your Lead Value measures how valuable your new Leads are. Measuring the Lead Value for different Lead Sources, Campaigns or Touchpoints is an important way to determine how much you can spend to acquire a new lead, and how effective your marketing funnels are.CALCULATION: Revenue ÷ Number of Contacts

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