Setting Up The Self-Hosted Pixel

The Self-Host Pixel (or  Custom Tracking Domain) is a way for users to use their own custom domains to load the SegMetrics tracking pixel on their site. This improves tracking attribution by providing a fully-first party cookie solution, as well as providing a secure alternative to off-site advertising pixel restrictions like ad-blocking.

In order to ensure the Self-Host Pixel is set up correctly with no loss of tracking, they require approval from the SegMetrics support team. You can follow the instructions below to set up and apply for a Self-Host Pixel.

NOTE: If you are currently using the VideoAsk service, that software does not allow for custom or self-hosted tracking snippets. Deploying the self-hosted pixel to VideoAsk pages will likely cause unwanted errors or functionality on those pages. You are still able to deploy your default SegMetrics tracking pixel on VideoAsk landing pages and continue to use your self-hosted pixel on other landing page or website builders. Questions? Contact us at

Set up your domain name

  1. Log in to your domain provider’s website
  2. Visit your domain management page (the page where all of your domains are displayed)
  3. Access the DNS (Domain Name System) settings for the domain you’re looking to connect
  4. Create/Add a new CNAME record (also called: Alias) for your domain
  5. Set the Host (also called: Name, Hostname) to the value you want to use for the tracking pixel. Use a unique name that does not have the word "track", "pixel" or "click" in it, as that will be blocked by ad blockers. (We recommend something like "seg" or "abc"). IMPORTANT: Make sure that there is not already a CNAME record for the subdomain you are connecting.
  6. Set the CNAME (also called: Target, Points to, Address, Alias) to the following:

  1. If you have errors adding the record, make sure there are no other records for your new subdomain (A, AAAA, TXT, etc.)
  2. Save your changes

Configure SegMetrics with your new domain name

  1. Log into your SegMetrics account
  2. Go to Site Settings from the main navigation menu
  3. Under Self-Host Pixel click the Enable Your Self-Hosted Pixel link
  4. In the support request box, paste the full domain name that you'll be using for the tracking link.

After the support team confirms the CNAME configuration, we'll reach out with an email with final instructions. At that point, copy the updated SegMetrics Tracking Pixel onto you site to begin using your new tracking domain.

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