Use Sellfy with SegMetrics

In this article, you’ll learn how to integrate Sellfy with your SegMetrics account. For this integration we’ll use Zapier to automatically send your Sellfy orders into SegMetrics.

What you’ll need for this integration:

Connecting Sellfy to SegMetrics

First, we’ll create the necessary connection from inside of your SegMetrics account. This process allows Zapier to send data into SegMetrics. 

To create the initial connection:

  1. Head over to the Integrations page in your SegMetrics account
  2. From the list of available integrations, search for and click on Sellfy
  3. Follow the rest of the prompts

Once this part of the setup is complete, you’ll notice that the Sellfy integration is now configured in your account. The next step is to head over to Zapier and create the necessary Zap to send Sellfy orders into SegMetrics.

Installing Your Zap Template

Next, we’ll head over to your Zapier account and create the Zap for sending Sellfy data into SegMetrics. To make this as easy as possible. We’ve created a handy Zap template for you to install in your Zapier account.

Installing the Sellfy Zap Template:

  1. Click here to install the Sellfy Zap template in your Zapier account.
  2. Inside of the Zap Template, open up the Sellfy Trigger step
  3. Click Choose Account
  4. Click Sign in to Sellfy
  5. Enter your login credentials for your Sellfy account, or select a previously connected Sellfy account if you’ve connected in the past.
  6. Click on the SegMetrics Action step
  7. Click Choose Account
  8. Click Sign in to SegMetrics
  9. Use the following credentials to connect your SegMetrics account:
    1. Account ID
    2. API Key
    3. Integration ID

Now that you have your Zap template set up and ready to go, the last step is to turn on the Zap. 

Turning on The Zap

To turn on your Zap:

  1. Toggle the setting to enable the Zap
  2. That’s it! 

Now that your Zap is enabled, all new Sellfy orders data will be sent into your SegMetrics account.

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