Creating, Saving And Reporting On Segments In SegMetrics

How To Create A Segment From The Filter Toolbar

Navigate to the New Leads report page.

Click on the “Add Filters” button.

You can include or exclude people who have a specific Tag, utm parameter or Referring URL, or people who have purchased a specific product.

If you selected Tags, for example, you can now choose from all of your Keap Tags.

If you include a Tag and click “Apply Filter”, you will create a report containing only Contacts who have had that Tag applied to their record. 

The data in the Detail Report will be that of only the Leads in your Report.

How To Create A Multi-value Segment

Want to track more than one Tag value, more than one utm parameter or some super-complicated combination of multiple filters?

Easy. Just keeping adding different filter rules until you have created the exact Report you want to track.

Here is an example of a Report that has includes all contacts with one of the two tags, and has come in from three Tag and excluded two Tags ....

Creating a Saved Segment to Use in Multiple Reports

If at any time you want to save the filters you have set up as a reusable segment, click the "Create Segment from Filters" button, to compile them all into a single Segment that you can reuse on all your reports.

How To Save a Report

Once you have your report, you can save it for future tracking.

Simply rename the report, then click "Save" at the top right area of the report.

Accessing Your Saved Reports

There are two ways to access your saved Reports.

1. All of your Segments are available from the Saved Reports Page.

2. From any reporting page, select your Segment from the Reports dropdown at the top of the page.

This will take you to the Product Detail page and apply all of the filters that define the Segment you have chosen.

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