Yahoo DSP and SegMetrics

SegMetrics can connect directly to your Yahoo DSP account to track metrics such as ad click, ad spend, ROI, and much more. In this article you’ll learn how to get integrated with Yahoo DSP and start tracking your ads and improve your return on ad spend.

Note: In order for SegMetrics to accurately track your ads, you’ll need to make sure you install your SegMetrics tracking pixel to all landing pages being used in your ads URLs.

Integrating with Yahoo DSP

First, we’ll jump into your SegMetrics account to get connected to the Yahoo DSP integration.

For this integration, you need to create an OAuth2 client of DSP. The client ID and client secret that you generate through this process are required to access Yahoo DSP API.

To enable the DSP API for your account, reach out to your Yahoo DSP Account Manager or Product Support.

To integrate with Yahoo DSP:

  1. Head over to the Integrations page in your SegMetrics account
  2. Click on the Yahoo DSP integration

  1. Enter the following API credentials:
    1. Client ID
    2. Client Secret
  2. Click Connect Yahoo DSP

In the next step, we’ll walk you through how to configure your DSP ads with the required URL tracking parameters

Configuring Yahoo DSP Ads URL Tracking Parameters

In order to track leads from your Yahoo DSP ads, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Yahoo DSP Ads account.
  2. For each of your currently running ads, append the following to the landing page URL:


Final URL example:${ORDERID}&utm_source=yh&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=${PLACEMENTID}&utm_term=${LIBRARYADID}&ad_id=${TRAFFICKEDADID}

NOTE: make sure that you have one (and only one) question mark (?) in the URL that separates the URL from the tracking code.

Warning About URL Shorteners

Most URL Shorteners will remove all UTM and Ad Tracking from the final URL,which breaks tracking in SegMetrics, Google Analytics and any other tracking systems that you may use. We highly recommend using your FULL URL when creating ads, or use a custom redirection service that will keep the UTM and Ad Tracking values.

You can test this by taking your link shortener, and adding ?utm_campaign=test to the end of it.

Shortened URL
Test URL

If your final URL has the UTM value still attached, then your URL shortener will work. If not, we recommend using the full URL.

NOTE: USED to pass UTM values to the final page, but they discontinued that feature. Be mindful that third party systems can change at any time.

Reporting on Your Yahoo DSP Data

Now that you have your Yahoo DSP ads fully configured, SegMetrics will start tracking and assigning conversion data to your DSP ads accordingly. 

To see that data inside of SegMetrics:

  1. Run a new Advertising report in SegMetrics
  2. Towards the bottom of the report, click Ad AccountsNote: if you have additional ad platforms connected, you’ll see the names of those ad accounts in the Ad Accounts table.
  3. Click the filter icon to the right of the Yahoo DSP account name
  4. Your report will now be filtered and show only your Yahoo DSP data

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