Use Unbounce (Lead Tracking) with SegMetrics

SegMetrics allows you to track leads acquired through Unbounce, by simply adding the tracking pixel to the pages you want to track.

When a customer opts in through a Unbounce page, their contact information will be sent to the Email Marketing Platform that you have configured in SegMetrics.

But you'll also want to connect the web history of those leads into the full customer journey. In order to do that, we'll want to install the tracking pixel on your Unbounce pages.

Get the SegMetrics Tracking Code

  1. In SegMetrics, go to your Site Setup page from the gear in the top menu, and copy the pixel code.
  2. If you've never configured your Tracking Pixel before, check out the Installing the Tracking Pixel instructions to set up your site correctly.

Install the SegMetrics Tracking Code to Your Unbounce Pages

You'll need to install the tracking pixel on your Unbounce pages, by following the instructions below, or the instructions on Unbounce' site.

Install the Tracking Code in Unbounce’s Global Script Editor

  1. From within Unbounce admin panel, click Settings
  2. Click Script Manager
  3. Click Add a Script
  4. Select the option for Custom Script
  5. Name your script “SegMetrics”
  6. For the script “Placement” select Head
  7. For the “Include On” select All
  8. Copy and Paste your SegMetrics Tracking Pixel in the Script Box
  9. Select the domains you’d like to include the script, click Select All to select all domains listed on that page
  10. Click Save and Publish Script

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