Tracking Customers In SegMetrics

Tracking Customers in the Table Report

Navigate to the  Revenue Report page.

Scroll down to the Table Reports and select “Customers”.

You’ll now see all of people who have made a purchase during the selected timeframe.

You can also see …

  • Revenue: How much money each customer has generated
  • Purchases: How many products they have purchased
  • Source: Each customer’s utm_source value
  • Campaign: Each customer’s utm_campaign value
  • Referrer: Each customer’s Referring URL value
  • Registered: When each customer first entered your Infusionsoft account (i.e., when they first submitted their email address to you)

You can sort by any of these columns to organize your customer activity however you please.

Analyze Individual Customers

Want to drill into the data for a specific customer?

From the Customers Table in the Detail Report, click on the customer you want to analyze.

This will take you to the individual profile for that customer.

You can now see the following attributes and activity for this Customer:

  • Main Profile
    • Email Address
    • Registered: The day they first entered your Infusionsoft account
    • Last Updated: The most recent day their Infusionsoft record was updated
  • Contact Activity
    • The Activity Feed shows the most recent activity of the Customer
  • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Lifetime Value: The all-time revenue total for the customer
    • First Purchase: Time since their first purchase
    • Latest Purchase: Time since their most recent purchase
    • Average Order Value: Lifetime Value / Number Of Orders
  • Optin Information
    • utm_source
    • utm_content
    • utm_medium
    • utm_campaign
    • utm_term
    • Referring URL: The URL of the site that referred the contact to your site before they opted into your list
    • Optin URL: The page of your site on which the contact opted into your list
    • IP Address: We use this to determine their geography, which is reflected in the map at the top of the profile

Access A Customer’s Record In Infusionsoft

Want to manage a specific customer in Infusionsoft or access contact data that’s available only in Infusionsoft?

From the customer’s profile, simply click the “Open In Infusionsoft” button. You will be whisked away to that specific customer’s profile.

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