Connecting Facebook with SegMetrics: Facebook View Through Conversions

In February of 2021, Facebook (FB) introduced a new, native to FB mobile browser. Following an ad click on mobile devices, FB sends your lead traffic to view your landing page in their new browser. In an effort to gate tracking collected through their browser, to keep this data in-house, FB has not yet provided a good way for 3rd party tracking systems to track between the FB browser and the actual browser.

The Issue

So how will this affect mobile browser tracking for tracking services such as SegMetrics?

When a lead clicks your FB ad on a mobile device, then leaves and returns on another device such as a desktop or other non-mobile devices, that initial click is unfortunately lost to our pixel tracking. 

This is something that we see in our own tracking as well -- people reading content in the FB browser, but then searching google and coming in that way.

The Solution

Luckily it’s not all bad news from here! There are a couple of steps you can take to help increase your tracking in these situations:

  1. Give some sort of popup / offer / etc to the FB browser to get their email address. If we get the email address in the FB browser, then we can track them
  2. Use a FB specific page for the FB ads. Usually for Info products, people are saving the link and coming back to it later. If you use a specific link, then you'll be able to see how many people are saving it and coming back, even if you're not able to identify directly to the ad itself.

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