Keap: Custom Field Mapping For UTM Parameters, Referring URLs and Optin URLs

Some of you may have already been capturing UTM Parameters, Referring URLs or Optin URLs in Keap using Custom Fields (a lot of people use iTracker360 to do this).

Going forward, SegMetrics can capture this data for you, but if you want to import your existing data into SegMetrics -- so that you can use our reporting to uncover marketing insights in the data you’ve already collected -- you can do that.

How To Match Your Existing Keap Fields to SegMetrics Fields (Data Blending)

Navigate to the Site Setup screen in your Account Settings, and enable the Configure The Pixel setting found directly below your tracking snippet code.

During the account integration process we will have imported the names of all of your Keap fields. Select the Custom Fields from the dropdown menus that match each of the following:

  • utm_source
  • utm_content
  • utm_medium
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_term
  • Referring URL: The URL of the site that referred the contact to your site before they opted into your list
  • Optin URL: The page of your site on which someone first opted into your listOnce you have matched your Custom Fields to our SegMetrics Fields, click “Set Custom Field Mapping” and we will begin blending your data.

Once your Custom Fields have been mapped your historical data will be blended with the data that SegMetrics collects through the SegMetrics code.

All of this data will be available in the Reporting Tables on the Detail Report page

Scroll down to see the key metrics for your Campaigns, Sources, Referrers and more!

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