Use WhatConverts with SegMetrics

In this article, you’ll learn how to send new leads from WhatConverts into your CRM or email tool, then into SegMetrics. For this integration we’ll use Zapier to complete these automations. For best tracking results, we suggest setting up dynamic phone numbers. This WhatConverts feature allows you to track a unique phone number for every lead that comes in.

What you’ll need for this integration:

Sending WhatConverts Leads to SegMetrics

In order to send WhatConverts leads into SegMetrics, you’ll need to possibly create up to 2 Zaps in your Zapier account. The first Zap will send the new lead from WhatConverts into your CRM or email tool. If WhatConverts already integrates directly to your CRM or email tool, you will not need to perform the next step.

To send new WhatConverts leads into your CRM, configure the Zap as follows

Trigger: WhatConverts

Configure the following fields in the zap trigger. If any of these communication methods are not relevant to your business, you may set them to “No”:

  • Phone Calls Completed: Yes
  • Phone Calls Modified: No
  • Phone Calls in Progress: Yes
  • Text Messages: Yes
  • WebForms: Yes
  • Profile: Select the profile name from your WhatConverts account

Action: Send new lead into your CRM

In the action step, select the CRM or email tool you currently have connected to SegMetrics. For example, if that email tool is Drip, select that option from the list of available apps. Most email tools will provide a way to create a new contact or lead via the zap. 

Then, match the data made available from WhatConverts with the relevant fields in your CRM. Most importantly, you’ll want to send in an email address, dynamic phone number of the lead, and any other fields you’d like to track. You can even add more action steps to send other data inside your CRM or email tool, based on what is available inside Zapier. 

Action: Send web tracking to SegMetrics

For the final portion of our zap, we’ll configure an additional step, using the SegMetrics app, to send the lead’s click data back to SegMetrics.

Configure the next action step as follows:

  1. App & Event: SegMetrics
  2. Set up action:
    URL: [WhatConverts] Lead URLEven if the Lead URL shows “No data” the zap will continue to run for every WhatConvert leads and has a Lead URL.
    Email: [CRM Platform] Lead’s email address. This verbiage will vary from CRM and email too. Be sure to select the correct email address field.
    Contact ID: The contact ID from the CRM when available (not required if email address is available). 

Turning on The Zap

To turn on your Zap:

  1. Toggle the setting to enable the Zap
  2. That’s it! 

Now that your Zap is enabled, all new WhatConverts leads along with the tracking will get sent into your SegMetrics account.

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