SegMetrics Chrome Extension

Our Chrome extension provides a side-by-side comparison of the advertising data in your SegMetrics account from inside Google and Facebook ads managers. 

To install the extension:

  1. Open up your Google Chrome browser
  2. Go to the extension install page
  3. From the download page, click Add to Chrome
  4. A permissions prompt will appear, click Add Extension
  5. Once the extension is added, click on the extension icon
  6. Enter your SegMetrics account credentials

Once you’ve entered your account credentials, log into your Google ads and Facebook ads managers and head over to the campaign, adset, or ad view. You should now see a new column displaying the advertising data from your SegMetrics account.

Here’s an example inside Google ads manager:

You can switch between first and last touch attribution models from the extension settings:

If you’re not yet seeing the data from your SegMetrics account, give the ads manager browser window a quick refresh. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, double check the date range you are currently viewing inside of your ads managers.

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