How to limit report and dashboard views for account team members

SegMetrics gives you the ability to add filters and limit what certain users can see. If there are users who have specific limited roles with your company you may limit what they see to their relevant data only. This allows you to keep the view of their data simple and applicable while protecting the privacy of other sensitive data.

In This Article:
  • How to find and assign roles for different users
  • How to add filters for each user 
  • An example of why/when you might want to assign a filter to a user

To update a users views/filters see the steps below:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of any SegMetrics page. Then click Team
  2. Click the gear icon next to the team member you want to set filters/restrictions to
  3. Here is where you can chose the role you wish to assign to this user
  4. Click the Filter button below the role and now whatever filter you apply to this user they will only be able to see the filtered results throughout all reports and dashboards.
  5. An example of this could be when you have a user that is only responsible for Facebook ads so you only want them seeing that data.
    1. Click Filter
    2. Click Clicked Ad
    3. Click Ad Account
    4. Click the FB account or whatever account you wish 

This will then apply the filter and now this user will only see leads and conversions that have interacted with the FB account 

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