Tracking Lead Values In SegMetrics

Lead Value is probably our favorite metric in SegMetrics. It’s the average amount of revenue generated per lead.

You may also have heard it called Lifetime Value or LTV. Whatever you call it, you have to track it!

And if you really want to improve your marketing, be sure to track your Lead Values for your Tags, Referring URLs and UTM parameters. That level of tracking is what will help you monetize your automated email marketing, find your most valuable Facebook Ads and your most valuable referral sources.

Tracking Lead Values

Lead Value can be tracked in the Home Dashboard.

At the top of the dashboard you will see the total Lead Value for all leads acquired during the selected timeframe. Depending on the home dashboard industry you've selected, lead value metrics might be located in a different place on the home dashboard.

This chart is helpful for identifying how valuable leads are based on when they signed up. For example, maybe leads acquired in January of 2020 are now worth $40 while leads acquired in January of 2021 are worth only $10. Maybe this tells you something about how long it takes for leads to monetize or maybe it tells you the newer leads haven’t seen enough product pitches. This of course will entirely depend on the nature of your business.

You can also track the Lead Values for all of your leads from the New Leads Report page.

The Lead Value metric is in the top-right corner.

Remember that this is the Lead Value for only New Leads acquired during the selected timeframe.

To see the Lead Value for different timeframes simply use the timeframe selector.

We at SegMetrics like to occasionally select a timeframe that starts on the first day of the Keap account and runs through today. That way you can identify the current Lead Value for all leads in your account.

Tracking Lead Values For Tags, UTM Parameters and Referring URLs

Tracking Lead Values based on the actions people take, or what they like or where they came from is often the most valuable analysis available to you.

To track Lead Values for Tags, Referring URL, Campaign or Source, navigate to the Table Reports on the New Leads or Orders Report.

Select the tab that you want to analyze and then check out the Lead Value column.

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