Does SegMetrics Track Removed Tags

This documentation provides an overview of how SegMetrics handles tracking of removed tags in your CRM. We will explain why SegMetrics reports only on current tags that exist and are currently applied to contacts. Understanding tag tracking is crucial for accurate data analysis and reporting in SegMetrics.

Topics Covered:

  1. What are tags and why they are important
  2. Introduction to tag tracking in SegMetrics
  3. Behavior of removed tags in SegMetrics
  4. Examples illustrating tag tracking in different scenarios
  5. Importance of maintaining consistency in tag application
  6. Reference to related support documentation
  7. Frequently asked questions and common concerns

1.What Are Tags and Their Importance in CRM:

Tags are a powerful organizational tool used within Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to label and categorize contacts based on specific criteria or attributes. They act as customizable labels that you can assign to contacts, helping you organize and segment your audience in a way that aligns with your marketing strategies and business goals.

2.Introduction to Tag Tracking:

In SegMetrics, tracking tags play a vital role in attributing marketing activities and analyzing their impact on your contacts. Tags provide valuable insights into the actions and behaviors of your audience. However, it is essential to understand how SegMetrics handles the tracking of removed tags to ensure accurate reporting and analysis.

4.Behavior of Removed Tags:

Once a tag is deleted in your CRM, it is removed from all contacts within SegMetrics during the next CRM import. SegMetrics only reports on current tags that are currently applied and exist. This ensures that your reports reflect the most up-to-date information about your contacts' tag associations.

4.Example Scenario:

Let's consider an example to better understand how tag tracking works in SegMetrics:

  • John, with the email address, had a newsletter tag applied to him on 5/12/21.
  • On 3/3/22, you removed the newsletter tag from John's contact profile in your CRM.
  • After removing the tag, John will no longer appear with the newsletter tag in any reports within SegMetrics, regardless of the date range specified.
  • If you were to reapply the newsletter tag to John on 4/2/23, SegMetrics would display the original tag application date of 5/12/21.
  • From 4/2/23 onward, the newsletter tag would be associated with John in any report with a date range after the original tag date of 5/12/21.

5.Importance of Maintaining Consistency:

To ensure accurate and reliable data analysis in SegMetrics, it is crucial to maintain consistency in tag application within your CRM. If a tag is deleted and then re-added, SegMetrics will track it based on its original application date. Consistent tag management helps preserve the historical context of your contacts' tag associations and enables meaningful comparisons across different timeframes. If you’re unfamiliar with tagging best practices, see our resources below

6.Reference to Related Support Documentation:

For more information on managing tags and understanding their impact in SegMetrics, please refer to our comprehensive guide on "Tag Management Best Practices

7.FAQ / Gotchas:

Q: Can I recover historical tag data for contacts whose tags were deleted in my CRM?

A: Once a tag is removed in your CRM, the historical tag data associated with contacts will not be retrievable in SegMetrics. It is recommended to maintain backups or export data from your CRM to preserve historical tag information if needed.

Q: Will SegMetrics show tags that were deleted and then re-added in the same report?

A: Yes, if a tag is deleted and subsequently re-added, SegMetrics will display the original tag application date and track it accordingly. This helps maintain consistency in reporting and analysis.

Q: How often does SegMetrics update tag information from the CRM?

A: SegMetrics imports tag data from your CRM during the next CRM import process. The frequency of imports may vary depending on your CRM's integration settings and configurations.

Q: Can I modify or delete tags directly within SegMetrics?

A: No, SegMetrics does not provide direct tag modification or deletion functionalities. Tags are only modified at the CRM level.

Understanding how SegMetrics handles tag tracking is crucial for digital marketers and agencies using this full-funnel marketing attribution tool. By recognizing that SegMetrics reports only on current tags that are currently applied and exist, users can ensure the accuracy of their data analysis and reporting.

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