How To Use The Main Dashboard In SegMetrics

The Home Dashboard has the key metrics, product reporting and Segment reporting you need to monitor and manage your business.

The Key Metrics

At the top of the dashboard you can easily track New Leads, Revenue and Lead Value.

For each of these metrics there will be a metric total and a chart to show you the trend in the metric.

These metrics and charts will reflect the totals for the selected timeframe. Use the time-frame selector in the top-right corner to select the timeframe that is right for your analysis.

On the Main Dashboard there are two metrics that are not affected by the time-frame selector.

In the top left corner, we display your Leads and Revenue for the specified date range (defaults to last 30 days). These metrics are exactly what they sound like -- the total number of leads (i.e. contacts) in your email tool or CRM and the total amount of revenue in your payment processor(s).

Top Products Report

The Top Products Report shows you the five products that have generated the most total revenue for you in a given timeframe.

Want to see the top 5 products for a different timeframe? Simply select a new timeframe from the date selector and the Top Products report will update.

To get Purchases and Revenue reporting for all of your products, click on the Top Products widget. You'll then be taken to the individual report responsible for displaying the metrics you see. Or, click into any of the home dashboard widgets to see those reports.

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