Troubleshooting Integration & Authorization Errors

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Integrations play a crucial role in ensuring data consistency and accuracy. It's vital to understand the notifications you receive about your integration, as these can signal potential issues that may affect the quality of your data.

You’ll receive notifications about your SegMetrics account through email and the notification bell icon with a red number within the app as shown below.

Types of Notifications

  • Re-Connect Your Integration:  These alerts indicate a failure in the integration import process. It could be due to invalid credentials, account permissions, or errors in the data.

    • You can click the link, “Click here to re-authorize your account”, and that will take you to the Integration page so you can reconnect your integration. Once you click this link, the notification will disappear.
    • Be sure to select Reconnect Integration for your integrations and DO NOT select Disconnect as that will DELETE all the data and depending on the integration…your data might not be imported back.
    • Error examples:

  • Data Upload Failed: This indicates that there was an error with uploading your data.

    • You can click the link, “Click here to try again”, and that will take you to the Integration page so you can attempt to upload the data again. Once you click the link, the notification will no longer show.
    • Error example:

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Invalid Credentials: Check if the username/password/API key has been changed recently. Ensure that there's no unintentional white space or wrong case in the credentials.
  • Ad Account Permissions: We require edit permissions for all ad account integrations.

Best Practices

  • Regularly monitor and check the top bar for any notifications. This will help you to see if there is an issue with your data right away.
  • Reach out to support at if you’re seeing a notification you have questions about. Our team can look into this further and provide more information on next steps.


Understanding the notifications from your integrations is crucial for data accuracy and consistency. Regularly monitor your notifications and don’t hesitate to seek support when needed. Your data's integrity and accuracy depend on the smooth functioning of these integrations.

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