Tracking New Leads In SegMetrics

Do you know how many new people are signing up for your newsletter or Lead Magnets?

These New Leads are the most likely candidates to become first-time Buyers, so you better be tracking them!

Tracking New Leads

New Leads can be tracked in the Home Dashboard.

At the top of the dashboard you will see the number of New Leads acquired during the selected timeframe.

You can also see a New Leads graph right below the New Leads metric. This graph shows you the running total of New Leads based on when leads first opted in to your Keap account.

This chart is helpful for identifying periods of time in which you generated a bunch of New Leads.

If you see an uptick at any given point, narrow the date selector to that timeframe to investigate who exactly those New Leads are -- what are their Referring URLs or Campaign values? what Tags do they have. If you can locate the reason for the surge in New Leads, you have a chance at replicating your success.

You can also track New Leads from the New Leads Report page.

The New Leads metric is in the top-left corner.

To see the New Leads metric or different timeframes simply use the timeframe selector.

Tracking New Leads For Tags, UTM Parameters and Referring URLs

Tracking New Leads based on the actions people take, or what they like or where they came from is often the most valuable analysis available to you.

To track New Leads for Tags, Referring URL, Campaign or Source, navigate to the Table Reports on the New Leads Report.

Select the tab that you want to analyze and then check out the New Leads column.

Here we see the count of New Leads in a Tags Table Report: 

And here are New Leads totals based on the websites that referred people to your website:

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