Tracking Product Sales In SegMetrics

From The Main Dashboard

From the Home Dashboard you can track the five products that generate the most revenue for your business. Simply scroll down to the "Top Products" section.

In this Top Products Report you will see the number of Purchases and total amount of Revenue for each of your best-selling products (as determined by total Revenue).You will also see what percentage of total account-wide revenue the sale of a specific product represents.

For example, if your top-selling product has generated $7,000 and your entire business has generated $10,000, your top-selling product has accounted for 70% of sales.

Want a detailed report on all of your products? Click “View Product Report” in the bottom right corner of the Top Products Report.

Detailed Product Report

From the Detail Report page, select the “Products” tab in the Table Reports.

This report shows the sales of all of your Products.

Metrics displayed:

  • Product Name: the name of the product as listed in your payment processor (e.g. Stripe / PayPal)
  • Product Price: the total price of the product
  • Customers: the total numebr of customer who purchased the product in the date range of the report
  • Orders: the total number of orders for the product in the date range of the report
  • Revenue: total revenue earned from the product within the date range of the report

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