Retargeting Lists For Segments

Want to turn serve Facebook Ads to only people in a specific Report? That sounds really smart. In fact it sounds like the most powerful type of retargeting available.

First create a Report or navigate to a pre-existing Report.

Then click Export > Retargeting.

This will generate a text file with all of the email addresses for people in that Report.

Now navigate to your Facebook Ads Power Editor.

Click on Audiences.

Now click on Create Audience > Custom Audience.

Select Customer List.

Follow the prompts to upload your text file or copy-paste the names.

Once you have named and saved your Custom Audience you can now serve ads to only those people on Facebook.

Think about how valuable this is …

  • Serve ads for a new product launch to people who are already Buyers (major cross selling opportunity)
  • EXCLUDE your current buyers for ad campaigns intended to attract New Leads (don’t waste your lead acquisition dollars on people who are already on your list, duh)
  • Serve ads for a product webinar to people who have opened a bunch of emails but have not yet purchased a product (hot leads ready to make their first purchase)

Coming Soon!

We’re working on a solution to let you create Custom Audiences in your Facebook Ads account with one click in SegMetrics. Want this feature now? Email us at to let us know.

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