Tracking And Reporting On Infusionsoft Tags In SegMetrics

Key Metrics For Infusionsoft Tags (All Tags Report)

Tags are what make Infusionsoft powerful. It’s high time you were able to actually report on the number of Leads, amount of Revenue and Lead Value for each of your Tags. Thanks to SegMetrics, you can do that and more.

Here’s how to track your key metrics for your Tags.

Navigate to the Detail Report page.

Scroll down to the Table Reports and select “Tags (All)” from the Table Report selector.

Now you’ll see key metrics reporting on all of your Tags.

This table shows all of the key metrics for your Tags, including:

  • New Leads: The number of New Leads acquired during the given timeframe who have that Tag
  • New Buyers: The number of those New Leads who have have purchased something
  • Conv.%: New Buyers / New Leads
  • New Lead Revenue: The amount of all-time Revenue generated by the New Leads
  • Lead Value: Lead Revenue / New Leads
  • Sales: The number of transactions for people with those Tags during the given timeframe. These sales can be from New Leads OR previously acquired leads
  • Revenue: The amount of revenue during the given timeframe from New Leads OR previously acquired leads
  • Buyer Value: The average amount of revenue generated per Buyer (Revenue / Buyers). Note: The video shows Average Order Value instead of Buyer Value. We switched to provide our users with a more actionable metrics

Use these metrics to determine how your Tags are generating New Leads and Revenue, as well as how valuable the New Leads are.

Understanding the key metrics for Tags -- especially New Leads, Revenue and Lead Value -- is usually the most powerful thing you can do to optimize your automated email marketing, product launches, webinars and Lead Magnets.

If you haven’t already, check out our Tagging Blueprint to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Tags.

Creating A Segment With Tags

Navigate to the Detail Report page.

Click the “Tracking” icon in the filter toolbar, or select “Tracking” in the filter dropdown.

Type in the Tags you want to include or exclude in your Segment or select them from the dropdown menu.

You can select as many Tags as you want to include or exclude from your Segment. Note that the Segment will now include all Contacts who have any -- but not necessarily all -- of those Tag values. In other words, this is an “OR rule” and not an “AND rule”.

Once you are happy with your Segment, click “Apply Filter”.

The Detail Report will now show data for only people with the Tags you have selected. This is helpful for performing deep-dive analyses of your email marketing automation, Lead Magnets, webinars or whatever you use Tags for.

Reporting On Tags Within A Segment

If you want to report on only the Tags in a Segment you have created, simply select one of your Segments and then choose “Tags (In Filter)” from the Table Report selector.

Now you’ll see only the Tags that are in your Segment.

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