Lead Pages (Lead Tracking)

SegMetrics allows you to track leads acquired through LeadPages.

LeadPages uses a unique technology called "LeadBoxes" that separate the main landing page from your forms. You can use the " Support LeadPages" snippet option to enable tracking with LeadPages.

Get your Tracking Snippet from SegMetrics

In SegMetrics go to the  Site Setup page under your account settings. Here you can find your Advanced Tracking Snippet.

Click the  Support LeadPages, ClickFunnel and other Landing Page systems toggle.

Copy the snippet code.

Paste Tracking Code Into Your LeadPage

Now open the editor for your lead page, and click the Tracking Code link under the Lead Page Options section.

One small change since we updated our Builder

Copy the snippet into the End-of-Boday-Tag Tracking Code

Place the Tracking Snippet on your LeadBox

Since LeadPages uses special LeadBoxes for their optins, you'll need to add the snippet to your lead box as well.

Click on the Call To Action Button to bring up the Form Editor.

From here, click on Tracking Code and add the Tracking Snippet into the Extra Body field.

Click OKAY and save your form.

Congratulations, SegMetrics is now set up to track leads for your LeadPages!

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