Users in a campaign not matching Keap

When using the "Include in date range" option for Contact Tags, there are some times when the number of contacts in a campaign will have a different number than the official Keap reporting.

InfusionSoft Results

This occurs when a sequence is started by something other than a tag, and a contact goes through the sequence multiple times.

SegMetrics monitors the date that a tag is applied to a contact, which prevents it from detecting when a user goes through a sequence multiple times without some configuration.

Solving the Discrepancy

There are two ways to resolve this discrepancy:

1) Use tags to start sequences instead of forms

This will require contacts to have a tag applied to start the sequence, thus preventing contacts to go through the sequence twice.

2) Remove the Sequence Tag When the Campaign Is Finished

Another way to solve this issue is to remove the sequence tag when the campaign is complete. This is commonly done with 2 tags, a "Historical -> Campaign Started" tag that tracks what actions the contact has taken throughout their time on the list, and a "Campaign -> Campaign Started" tag that is added and removed when a contact starts and ends a campaign, respectively.

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