Why do I have so many delinquent payments?

Sometimes you may find that you are having an inordinate number of delinquent payments, or that your revenue numbers are not matching the Net Income reports in your merchant account.

This is normally caused by failed credit card invoices.

Some payment processors like Infusionsoft will create an invoice even when a credit card purchase fails.

That means that if a customer makes a mistake on the order form, or there's a temporary bank issue, or something similar, then a non-paid invoice will still get created, even though the purchase didn't go through.

These failed invoices can really throw off your numbers if you handle a lot of credit card payments.
One way to filter out the these failed invoices is to add the filter "has a successful payment" to the report.

Fortunately, you don't have to do that on every report.

Under your account settings there's an option called "Exclude Failed Invoices from Revenue Calculations."

Turning that on tells SegMetrics to ignore invoices with no payments on them, and to not include them in the standard revenue or lead value calculations.

But why even track failed invoices in the first place?

Because services companies sometimes create empty invoices when they do their sales call, and add payments and invoice items as the project goes on, but they still want to be able to track their estimated revenue.

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