Zapier connects the apps you use every day and provides an easy way to include your marketing data into SegMetrics. Although SegMetrics might not integrate with all the apps you're using, there's a good chance that you'll find a connection through Zapier and the thousands of integrations they maintain in their library.

How the Integration Works

When you connect SegMetrics and Zapier together you can send data to SegMetrics when an event-based trigger is fired by another application. The most common examples are when a contact makes a purchase or a contact is added to a list. Once SegMetrics processes that information, you can create or update contacts, apply or remove tags, or create or update purchases.

Connecting SegMetrics to Zapier

To connect SegMetrics to your Zapier Account:

  1. In SegMetrics, go to your list of Integrations, and click Connect Your Account on the Zapier Integration
  2. Click View Integration to get access to the SegMetrics Zapier Integration.
  3. Sign in to your Zapier account, then navigate to Home > My Apps
  4. A prompt will appear and ask you to enter your SegMetrics information. This can be found on the Connect Your Account screen from step one.
  5. Once you enter your API information, click the Yes, Continue button.
  6. To test your connection, click the Test button.

Setting up Your Zaps

Now that your SegMetrics account is connected to Zapier, you can connect your existing zaps with SegMetrics. When your apps trigger a zap, data gets sent from the trigger app to SegMetrics.

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