Get Automatic Insights

Analytics Insights makes it easier to discover what’s important in your data and then take meaningful action. The insights panel lets you see insights generated by SegMetrics, and lets you dive deeper into your data.

Insights explain trends, changes, and opportunities that can impact your business. For example, SegMetrics might provide an insight about an unusually low number of new users, giving you the opportunity to address the acquisition of new users before that decline turns into a long-term trend.
You can also use insights to ask questions about your data. If you don’t want to analyze data in the context of your reports, or create complicated filters to view the raw data, you can simply ask Intelligence things like:
  • What is my conversion rate for new leads this month?
  • What are my top products in terms of revenue?
  • How long does it take people to purchase?

Viewing Insights

You can open the Analytic Intelligence panel by clicking Insights from the left-hand menu.

Insights are classified into Basic Performance, Where Leads Come From, Product Performance and Campaign Performance. Clicking on any of these shows a number of common questions and insights you can get access to.
Click any insight to display the content.
Click Go to Report to open the full report.

Giving feedback

We're always looking for new insights and questions to answer through our insights panel. Feel free to reach out from the notification beacon in the right side of the app, or contact us with your ideas for new Insights.

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