Google Data Studio Connection

Google Data Studio allows you to create interactive dashboards from a variety of tools, and blend that data together into fully realized reports. SegMetrics' Connector for Google Data Studio is a First-Party plugin that allows you to bring your SegMetrics data into your Data Studio Dashboards.

How the Integration Works

When you connect SegMetrics and Data Studio together you can create new reports in Google Data Studio, using any of your saved Segments. You'll be able to create reports on any of the metrics and dimensions available in the core reports.

Connecting Data Studio to SegMetrics

To connect Data Studio to your SegMetrics Account:

  1. In SegMetrics, go to your list of Integrations, and click Connect Your Account on the Google Data Studio Integration.
  2. Sign in to your Data Studio account, and Authorize the connection:
  3. In order to connect your account, you'll need to enter your Username & Token information. This can be found on the Connect Your Account screen from step one.
  4. Once you enter your API information, click the Submit button.
  5. Choose which report type you would like to use, as well as any Segments you would like to use to filter your data.
  6. Click the Connect button.
  7. Build your report dashboard as normal

Differences between SegMetrics and Data Studio Reports

Because of the way that Data Studio parses their data, there are a few differences in the way that data is displayed in Data Studio than in SegMetrics.

  1. All times reported from SegMetrics are in UTC, regardless of your timezone setting in SegMetrics.
  2. Clicks are not filtered by the timeframe of the report -- they include all clicks by default.

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