Stealth Seminar (Lead Tracking)

SegMetrics allows you to track leads acquired through StealthSeminar, by simply adding the tracking snippet to each webinar you want to track.

Get the SegMetrics Tracking Code

  1. In SegMetrics, go to your Site Setup page from the gear in the top menu, and copy the snippet code.
  2. If you haven't configured your Tracking Code previously, check out the Installing the Tracking Snippet instructions to set up your site correctly.

Install the SegMetrics Tracking Code

  1. Click Edit for the webinar you want to track in SegMetrics
  2. Click Advanced Options top open the settings menu
  3. Paste the Tracking Snippet into the Optional Additional Tracking Code section:
  4. Click Update Seminar to save the webinar.

Important: If you are embedding the registration box on your own website, be sure to add the Tracking Snippet to your own site as well.

Congratulations, SegMetrics is now set up to track leads for your EverWebinar Webinars!

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