Why is There a Discrepancy in the Data?

How to troubleshoot data discrepancies

There are many reasons why the data in SegMetrics might not match that in the source platform. To troubleshoot inconsistencies we recommend the following checks:

  1. Check the time SegMetric's data last synced, shown at the bottom of the UI. The sync frequency depends on your plan, see here for more info.
  2. Make sure your data is filtered in the same way in both interfaces. This includes date ranges, cohorts you're including, data types your excluding etc, in either SegMetrics or the source's UI.
  3. Confirm the metrics are calculated the same between sources. For example, the revenue in Facebook's UI will be limited to a first purchase while SegMetrics shows lifetime revenue.

How to submit a data inconsistency query

If you believe there is an issue with your SegMetrics data then please email help@segmetrics.io.

Please include screenshots from both SegMetrics and the corresponding platform along with any relevant details.

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