Connecting Your Ads with SegMetrics

Connect your Facebook, AdWords and other ads accounts to get the return on ad spend for your marketing campaigns. Tracking your ads gives you insight into the performance and the lifetime value of customers who purchase through your advertising.

How to Integrate Your Ads Platforms

First, you’re going to want to integrate with each of the ad services you’re currently using. SegMetrics integrates with many of the most popular ad services such as Facebook, AdWords, LinkedIn, Bing and many others.

To get started integrating your ads platforms:

  1. Head to the Ads Integrations integration area in your account
  2. Click on the ads service to integrate
  3. Follow the onscreen steps to finalize the integration
  4. Repeat for each ad account you’d like to connect

Pro tip: It is possible to connect multiple of the same ad integration. For example, if you have multiple Facebook or AdWords accounts, you can hook them all up individually.

Configuring Your Ads

In order for SegMetrics to track your ad performance, we require the “ad_id” parameter be attached to the final URL of any links included in your ads. Generally, this parameter is applied in the “Final URL Suffix” at either the account, ad set, or ad level within your ad account platform. 

Here’s an example of how the ad_id parameter can be configured in AdWords:

Here are the required ad_id parameters for each ad platform, along with a link to the article providing more information for each platform. 

Note: Please read the attached documentation for each platform listed above.

Custom Ads Integrations

If you’re not seeing the ads platform you’re currently using as an integration option in SegMetrics, you can connect to the Custom Ads integration. This type of connection can be achieved either through our API, or through Zapier. 

Custom Ads Integration

To connect a custom ads integration:

  1. Head to the Ads Integrations integration area in your account
  2. Click Connect to the right of the Custom Ads integration
  3. Enter the name of the integration (this can be anything you’d like)
  4. Connect the Custom Ad integration either through our API or Zapier
  5. Repeat for each additional Custom Ad integration you’d like to connect

Pro Tip: Connecting through a Custom Ads integration is a great way to connect to other ad platforms SegMetrics doesn’t currently integrate with, such as Pinterest. 

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