Tracking Your Setup Progress

Tracking Your Setup Progress

Setting up a new tool can be intimidating at times, especially if you’re not sure exactly where to start. That’s why we’ve created a handy checklist inside your account to get you up and running quickly. Tracking your progress goes great along with our Getting Started Guide.

How To Track Your Setup Progress

There are a couple of different ways to track your account setup progress. The first way is from the setup progress icon in the top right area of your account, right next to your account name.This is a quick and easy way to see exactly where you’re at with your account setup. Click on each item to be taken to the area in your account that will help you complete each step. 

Set Up Progress

Need a little extra help getting things going? Here are a few helpful guides to get you through those steps:

  1. Installing The Tracking Pixel
  2. Enable/Integrate your ad accounts
  3. Click Schedule Your FREE Kickoff to schedule your call
  4. Build Your First Dashboard
  5. Invite a Team Member

If you prefer more one-to-one help or just don’t have the time, we offer a couple of different services to get you going:

Done For You Account Setup

With the Done For You Account Setup service, we’ll do all the heavy lifting to get your SegMetrics account setup and optimized. We handle getting your tracking configured across all your marketing properties, as well as a fully tracked marketing funnel, complete with KPI-centric dashboard to help you optimize your marketing. Learn more about this service!

Monthly Optimization Blueprint Service

If ongoing 1:1 support is what you’re looking for, our Monthly Optimization Blueprint Service is just what you need. This ongoing support service includes 1-2 45 minute calls each month. On these calls, our experienced marketing consultants will help you analyze the data from your SegMetrics account and provide advice on how to optimize your marketing efforts. Sound like a plan? Learn more about this service!

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