Lifetime Value Intervals

Lifetime Value Intervals is a setting that directly relates to the Monetization Reports type. The Monetization reports calculate the amount of time in days that it takes for your leads to become valuable to you. The monetization reports defaults to days, weeks, months and years but also gives you the ability to add in custom intervals as well, using the lifetime value interval settings.

Setting the Lifetime Value Intervals

To customize the Lifetime Value Intervals:

  1. Click the Gear icon in the top right of your account
  2. Click Site Setup
  3. Click Lifetime Value Intervals
  4. Configure up to 12 sets of intervals
  5. Click Update Intervals

For best results, the intervals you select should increase with each interval. 

To then view the Lifetime Value Intervals you’ve set, click into a monetization report and switch the report from “Chart,” to “Table” view. 

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