Dashboard Blueprints

Our dashboard blueprints are a great way to get started. Just pick a blueprint, fill in the placeholders and have a fully functioning dashboard in minutes. (Currently only Ad Spend Dashboard is available)

Configure a Dashboard Blueprint

Dashboard Blueprints are pre-configured dashboards for you to easily set up the most valuable key performance indicators (KPI) that are important for your business.

To set up a Dashboard Blueprint:

  1. Click the Dashboards drop-down, then click New Dashboard

  2. Give the dashboard a Name and select the Custom option

  3. Click Save Dashboard
  4. From the Choose a Blueprint option, click Select Blueprint

  5. Click Use Blueprint

When you create a dashboard blueprint, the dashboard widgets first look for the following saved report types:

  • Ads report
  • Contacts report
  • Revenue report

If there are no saved report types, those three report types will be automatically created and saved in your account under the Saved Reports area.

Ads Dashboard Blueprint

The Ads dashboard blueprint provides key insight into the specifics about how your ads are performing. The dashboard automatically creates a number of widgets that display KPIs such as ad spend, revenue and return on ad spend, purchase data, and more. 

You can manage and customize each widget to display the KPI values that are the most important to your business. 

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