Dashboard Templates

Our dashboard templates allow you to deploy a custom dashboard with just a few clicks. Need a dashboard to monitor your lead value over time, check in on your ads performance, track a product launch, or see how many calls you’ve booked, then keep reading to learn how our dashboard templates are beneficial and easy to use!

Deploy a Dashboard Template

To deploy a dashboard template:

  1. Login to your SegMetrics account
  2. Click Dashboards from the left sidebar
  3. Click New Dashboard
  4. Click Select a Template
  5. Select the type of dashboard you’d like to deploy
  6. Click Use Template

Once you’ve deployed your dashboard template, you’ll notice the instructions that will guide you through how to use the specific template. These instructions include specific variables such as tags, or other properties that you’ll need to implement into your funnel in order to begin displaying metrics on the dashboard. 

For example, the instructions above are for the Call Booking template. In those instructions, it’s suggested to apply a tag to each contact once they’ve booked a call in your marketing funnel. SegMetrics then pulls that tag directly from your CRM or email marketing tool. If you already have a tag, feel free to modify the widgets to accommodate for that tag.

Hint: You can double click on a widget to view and edit its configuration. 

Types of Dashboard Templates

Take a quick look at the types of dashboard templates we currently offer:

Cohort Dashboard

This dashboard template is helpful to measure the value of your leads over time by grouping your leads into time-based cohorts.

For this dashboard, there are no additional instructions, and you should start seeing data pretty quickly. Of course, feel free to implement filters to the widgets as you see fit.

Ad Dashboard

This dashboard template helps you optimize your ads spend by detecting where your leads are coming from, and how much you’re spending on your acquisition.

For this dashboard, there are no additional instructions. We pull all of the data directly from a standard advertising report. This includes ad spend, leads, customers, cost per acquisition, and more.

Product Launch Formula

This dashboard allows you to track your PLF (Product Launch Formula) style launch through each of the warming videos, all the way to sale.

For this dashboard, take note of the instructions outlined on the dashboard. We suggest applying a tag to all contacts who enter into your product launch funnel. Then, be sure to update each widget with that particular tag. 

Call Booking

Optimize your sales calls by understanding where people fall out of your funnel, and which lead sources bring you the most qualified leads.

For this dashboard, take note of the instructions outlined on the dashboard. We suggest applying a tag to all contacts who book a call with you or your sales team. This allows you to accurately track the number of bookings as well as the performance of your sales team.

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