How to Connect Typeform to SegMetrics

SegMetrics allows you to track leads acquired through Typeform, either by identifying users on the thank you page, or (for Typeform Professional accounts) by simply installing Google Tag Manager on your Typeform.

Get the SegMetrics Tracking Code

  1. In SegMetrics, go to your Site Setup page from the gear in the top menu, and copy the pixel code.
  2. If you haven't configured your Tracking Code previously, check out the Installing the Tracking Pixel instructions to set up your site correctly.
  3. Follow the instructions for Connecting SegMetrics to Google Tag Manager to set up the tracking pixel.

Connect Google Tag Manager to Typeform

Once your SegMetrics Tracking Pixel is configured in Google Tag Manager, you can connect GTM to your Typeform form.

  1. First, make sure that your Typeform has an email field somewhere on the form. If there is no email field, SegMetrics won't be able to identify your leads.
  2. Open Tag Manager, and copy your Google Tag Manager Container ID. Here’s where you’ll find that ID:
  3. Open your Typeform Workspace, and find the Typeform you want to track. Click to edit it.
  4. Click on the Connect tab. Now you’ll see the Google Tag Manager integration. Click Connect.
  5. A new window will appear, asking you to paste in your Google Tag Manager Container ID.
  6. Click Save, and you’re now ready to track using Typeform & Tag Manager.

NOTE: If you're not using the All Pages trigger for Google Tag Manger, make sure that the SegMetrics tag will fire on the TypeForm domain.

Configure the Thank You Page (Optional)

Finally, since Typeforms are always on the domain, we'll want to make sure that we can connect the Typeform session to your main site. This step is optional, but will improve your overall tracking.

In your form, you'll want to set up a Redirect on Completion thank you page for leads to be sent to after they complete the form. The redirect URL should be on your main marketing domain.

  1. Click on the Settings icon and toggle the switch next to Redirect on completion.
  2. Paste in the URL of the page you’d like to redirect the respondent to. Your URL must be a secure HTTPS address – make sure this is included in your URL or the redirect will not function.
  3. Use Typeform's Recall Information features to add the email data from the typeform to the URL.
  4. Add email= as a query string in your email.
    For example, if your URL was use
  5. Click the + sign and select to recall information from your email field
  6. You can add additional query fields by using the ampersand
  7. This will pass the user session to the thank you page, and connect your marketing site with your Typeform.

Congratulations, SegMetrics is now set up to track leads for Typeform!

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