Connecting Quora Ads and SegMetrics

SegMetrics gives you the ability to analyze your Quora campaign performance and connect it to other data sources.

With that information, you can easily segment that data into your leads, find the automation triggers that convert to customers, understand where your most valuable leads are coming from, etc.

Integration Overview

SegMetrics takes the spend from Quora and purchases from your payment processor then connects them to the email addresses in your email marketing platform. 

You don't need to import the orders or tag people in a special way: they just need to be in your CRM or email marketing tool account!

How to connect Quora to SegMetrics

  1. Head over to your SegMetrics Integrations page
  2. Locate and click the Quora Integration
  3. Click Connect Quora
  4. If you’re not already logged into your Quora Account, you will be prompted to do so
  5. Once logged into Quora, you’ll then see a prompt asking you to give SegMetrics the permissions required to Read your ads manager data, click Accept
  6. Enable the Quora ad accounts you’d like to track in SegMetrics and click Save Active Ad Accounts

Configuring your Quora Ads

In order to accurately track the leads you’re acquiring from your Quora Ads, please follow the steps below to get your ads configured with the required url parameters:

  1. Log into Your Quora Ads Manager
  2. For each ad in your account, click Edit
  3. Copy the ID from the URL in your browser. This is your `YOUR_AD_ID`.
  4. Scroll to the URL formatting section of the ad and add the query string `?ad_id=YOUR_AD_ID` at the end of the Landing Page URL
  5. Note: If you already have a query string (UTMs or other information) add `&ad_id=YOUR_AD_ID` at the end instead:
  6.  Click Save

Note: If you have a number of ads to update, you can do so with Quora's bulk ad editor.

How much historical data is synced when you first connect Quora to SegMetrics?

When you connect a new Quora Data Source, we import the last month of ad spend, clicks and impressions for all currently active ads. Lead attribution will start as soon as the ads are configured for tracking.

Pro Tip: Once Quora is connected and actively syncing data we store it in our own database. This allows us to accumulate data over time so that you can report on more historical data in your SegMetrics reports. 

How to build a Report using Quora Ad data

Once your data is imported from Quora and SegMetrics has click data from your configured Quora ads, you can create reports with the data to see how each touchpoint influences your sales.

  1. From your SegMetrics account, click Acquisition > Advertising
  2. Select your desired filters based on dates, tags and other touchpoints (you can filter by the specific Quora ad account when using the “Ad Account” filter)
  3. Once you have your report filters just right, you can rename, save and access your report again later by clicking Save at the top right area of the report window

Integrating Quora Lead Ads (Lead Tracking) and SegMetrics

Quora Lead Ads provides an easy way to generate marketing leads without the users ever having to leave Quora. However, as the leads never leave Quora's site, tracking can become a challenge. By using Zapier together with your Lead Ads and Email Marketing Platform, it's easy to get your Quora Leads into SegMetrics!

How the Integration Works

Since Quora Lead Ads don't automatically import into your Email Marketing Platform, you most likely already have a Zap set up to send the Leads into your marketing funnel. You can either create a new Zap, or add a second action onto the existing app to send that data into SegMetrics.we'll assume that you already have a Zap set up to send your Quora Leads into your marketing system.

Configure the Quora Lead Ads Zap

First, create a new Zap in your Zapier account and configure the Zap trigger step

To configure the Zap trigger step:

  1. Login to your Zapier account
  2. Create a new Zap
  3. Choose "Quora Lead Ads" as the Trigger App
  4. Select "New Lead Trigger" and click Save + Continue
  5. Choose the Lead Ads Account you will use, and click Save + Continue
  6. Choose the Quora Account, and Form from the dropdown, and click Save + Continue
  7. Click Continue to finish configuring Quora

Next, configure the Zap action step to send new leads from your Quora Lead Ads into SegMetrics.

To configure the Zap action step:

  1. If you haven't already, follow our instructions on connecting SegMetrics to Zapier.
  2. For the action select "SegMetrics" as your App, and Track Page View as your event
  3. For the URL enter a URL that you can easily remember as belonging to the Quora leads. We recommend using a URL like
  4. After the URL make sure that you add in ?ad_id= followed by the Ad ID field from the Lead Ad Trigger
  5. In the Email field, use the email address from the Lead Ad Trigger
  6. In the Referrer field enter "" (without the quotes)
  7. Click Continue and Save your Zap
  8. Enable the new Zap

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