Connect DotDigital with SegMetrics

Connect your SegMetrics account to DotDigital and pull in all of your historical leads and contact data. You can then use that data to create reports inside SegMetrics.

Integrate DotDigital and SegMetrics

First, integrate your DotDigital account with your SegMetrics account

To integrate with DotDigital:

  1. Head over to the Integrations page in your SegMetrics account
  2. Click on the DotDigital integration

Note: You can connect to a single CRM or Email tool at a time. If you’ve already connected to a CRM or email tool, you’ll need to disconnect from that tool in order to integrate with DotDigital.

  1. Enter the following DotDigital account credentials:
    1. Region
    2. API Username
    3. API Password

      Note: You'll need to set up an API User in DotDigital to connect your SegMetrics account. Follow the instructions in DotDigital's documentation to set up your API user.Click Connect DotDigital

Once integrated, SegMetrics imports all historical contact information from your DotDigital account.

How much historical data is synced when you first connect DotDigital to SegMetrics?

When you connect a new DotDigital data source, all historical data from your DotDigital account is synced.

Pro Tip: Once your DotDigital Data Source is connected and actively syncing data, we store the data that's collected in our own database. This allows us to accumulate more data over time as more data syncs are made so that you can report on more historical DotDigital data in your SegMetrics reports.

Reporting on DotDigital Data

Now that you have DotDigital connected to your SegMetrics account, you can start running reports and using DotDigital data to filter and segment. 

For example, run a New Leads report to see the total number of new leads added to your DotDigital account in the last 30 days.

Use the Tags filter to filter your reports by contacts who have been applied a given tag name.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone is DotDigital data synced in?

DotDigital data is synced in UTC. SegMetrics reports on your data based in the timezone that you set in your Account Settings.

Do I need the tracking pixel to get the data found in my DotDigital account?

You do not need to create a Tracking Link for SegMetrics to track website visitors, it will still gather the UTM data. Tracking Links provide a simple way to get further detail of exactly which link they clicked for ads, email broadcasts, or campaigns.

To learn how to create a tracking link, click here to be taken to our URL builder quick walkthrough.

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